Containerized Shipping – The Movie

By Catherine J. Petersen       4/10/2017

It was 1987, and I was excited about my new job. I made a call to my family to let them know I just landed a job with Maersk Lines! First question: Who is that? The answer: It is a Danish shipping company. Second question: Will you be able to get free vacations with them -- - it is a cruise line right?

As you can guess, it was a longer conversation than I expected!

Fast forward to today; when I say I worked with Maersk Lines, most people know which firm I'm talking about.

Needless to say, I’m quite excited about an 8-part podcast series that recently started airing on Minnesota Public Radio, and is available on-demand at These 8 podcasts reveal how interconnected our economies have become in the past 60 years, which is due in part to the changes in technology and infrastructure that supports the movement of retail and industrial goods by container vessel.

With the advent of moving industrial, retail, and even agricultural commodities in a container by vessel, there is greater speed to market, higher levels of cargo security - -- and in most cases -- - reduced costs to the shipper and receiver, and improved supply chain visibility while the goods are en-route.

The next ocean carrier revolution will be technology that is integrated and as convenient as the system developed by courier companies to track the container, and obtain release of the goods using e-ocean bills of lading. If you missed the story, here's a link to the IBM news release describing Blockchain as a Cross-Border Supply Chain Solution: If all the claims are true, then the changes will affect you and me sooner rather than later.