Exporting: Regulations, Documentation, Procedures

by George Thompson of Thompson & Associates PLLC and

Catherine J. Petersen, of C J Petersen & Associates, LLC

Approximately 480 pages


It’s never been easier or less expensive to locate and communicate with people around the world. However, this new-found intimacy doesn’t necessarily translate to the mechanics of international trade. For most international transactions, exporters must still navigate a maze of obstacles—legal, cultural and other—that add a variety of challenges to their job.

Export Regulations, Documentation & Procedures provides a detailed map for navigating this maze. The book opens with a helpful introduction on structuring foreign sales, including a detailed discussion of the crucial distinctions between foreign sales reps, agents and distributors. It discusses contract negotiation issues, Incoterms 2010®, pricing, customs and tariff planning. It includes a full section on the use of SEDs/AES, forms of payment, packing, transport and insurance compliance. Sample documents are shown, and the book’s glossary has a full list of government and private export resources and contact numbers, along with an excellent index of trade term definitions. 

Book Chapters

  • Structuring Export Sales to Foreign Markets
  • Negotiating Your Contract and Meeting its Terms
  • Incoterms® 2010, Product Transportation and Risk of Loss
  • Forms of Payment
  • Customs and Tariff Planning Considerations
  • Export Controls
  • Filing the Export Electronic Information
  • Freight Forwarders, Packing, and Transportation
  • Export Documentation


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