Exporting: Regulations, Documentation, Procedures

by George Thompson of Thompson & Associates PLLC and

Catherine J. Petersen, of C J Petersen & Associates, LLC

Publisher: Global Training Center
Approximately 480 pages /


 No one can deny that the world is shrinking. It’s never been easier or less expensive to locate and communicate with people around the world. Keep in mind, however, that this new-found intimacy doesn’t necessarily translate to the mechanics of international trade. For most international transactions, exporters must still navigate a maze of obstacles—legal, cultural and other—that add a variety of challenges to their job.

Export Regulations, Documentation & Procedures provides a detailed map for navigating this maze. The book opens with a helpful introduction on structuring foreign sales, including a detailed discussion of the crucial distinctions between foreign sales reps, agents and distributors. It discusses contract negotiation issues, Incoterms 2010®, pricing, customs and tariff planning. It includes a full section on the use of SEDs/AES, forms of payment, packing, transport and insurance compliance. Sample documents are shown, and the book’s glossary has a full list of government and private export resources and contact numbers, along with an excellent index of trade term definitions.

Book Chapters

  • Structuring Export Sales to Foreign Markets
  • Negotiating Your Contract and Meeting its Terms
  • Incoterms® 2010, Product Transportation and Risk of Loss
  • Forms of Payment
  • Customs and Tariff Planning Considerations
  • Export Controls
  • Filing the Export Electronic Information
  • Freight Forwarders, Packing, and Transportation
  • Export Documentation


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