ExToCanadaA U.S. Exporter's Guide to Canada

by John D. Goodrich of JD Goodrich & Associates and 
Catherine J. Petersen, of C J Petersen & Associates, LLC   

Approximately 150 pages

Nearly fifty percent of the almost 90,000 U.S. exporters export to Canada!  Canada has been identified as an “easy place” to sell, ship and service products. Because it is so easy, many U.S. companies don’t even recognize that they are exporting. This is exemplified by the fact that shipments to Canada are frequently delegated to the domestic transportation department. A truck shows up at the warehouse door and the shipment departs, just like any domestic shipment. What could be wrong with that? The authors of this book provide U.S. exporters with the answer to that simple question.


Topics Covered:

  • An Overview Of Canada
  • Exporting From The U.S
  • Importing Into Canada
  • Special Import & Duty Reduction Programs
  • Enforcement - Administrative Monetary Penalties
  • Other Programs


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